Easy fun in the vicinity of Kamifukuoka station Part-time information of the hall No information on taverns and fast food and convenience stores chain stores Merits full hourly salary 1,000 yen ~ #Joboffer

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Let’s enjoy part time job life.

From hourly wages above 1,000 yen ~

In the local Fujimino City, a 16-year-old charcoal-grilled hormone roasted meat restaurant, a popular hiring part-time job recruitment ! ♪


Because at home it is easy, at hormone maruwa,
We are looking for staff ♪


Adoption celebration 5000 yen! ♪ (For this website only, we will give you 5000 yen of cash at the time this adoption is decided♪


If nothing is fun it will not last!♪

★I think playing and bytes are working hard as well! I want to cheer for those who work hard!


★It is not as busy as a tavern chain store or a convenience store, so it is not a kitsui byte or a Tribai.


★There are no strict manuals or training, as everyone is inexperienced at first, let me get used to it gradually and remember.


★Since dishwasher has been installed, troublesome dish-washing etc is not available.


★Since it is a gentleman regular customer and net attractor, there is no distribution of flyers, quota or fine.


★The shop manager is gentle, so I am able to talk about anything and I am a part-time employee who has no distinctive relationships of human relations.


★Other, there are plenty of merits that are not found in izakaya, fast food or convenience store chains that can not be described ♪


I want to cheer for the person who works hard!♪

〈 Posted in each job information magazine.(Townwork, LINE byte etc.)〉

I agree with the Female success promotion law.

I am sponsoring the black byte eradication committee.



※ hourly wage 1,000 yen ~ 1,250 yen preferential treatment (cash handover rather than bank transfer)

※ 4 minutes on foot from the east exit of Kamifukuoka station.

※ 4 to 5 hours a day from 18 o’clock. 2 days a week ~.

※ blond hair · brown hair, pierced earring · nail OK. Clothes freedom.

※Since there are a lot of friendly staff, gentle women and gentlemanly repeater customers, they can work safely and comfortably, women are active in the hall / floor managers!





· Hourly 1,000 yen ~ 1,250 yen preferential treatment (cash handover rather than bank transfer).

· Trial period 1 month (hourly wage 900 yen) Weekly payment possible.

※ In addition, with the effort award and idea prize, there is a prize money payment of 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen a month.


【Date and time】
· 4 to 5 hours since around 18 o’clock.

· 2 days a week ~ OK. (Closed on Mondays)

※ After negotiating a convenient date and time, we will decide.


【Industry type】
· Hallmark staff in the store of “Hormone Maruwa”, a popular local hormone roast meat shop.
· It is your job to listen to orders, make drinks such as draft beer, and carry your dishes.


· 16 years old (high school student · special student · university student · freeters etc)

· Healthy and cheerful people. (Inexperienced people are also welcome)

· If you think that you are lucky.

· Blonde · Brown hair, Pierced earring · Nail OK. Clothes freedom.


· There is no hard and troublesome training and manual ♪ I will remember little by little each day as I am familiar with it.

· There is no distribution of flyers for quota or fine.

· Maruwa cherishes the connection between people and people, so it is a shop where cus- tomers and staff value.

· Transportation expenses are provided · There is no choice · Uniforms are available.


【Number of people】
· 2 people.


【Voice of seniors】
· Senior’s voice「Here」


· Hormone Maruwa Kamifukuoka Main Shop

· 4 minutes on foot from the east exit of Tobu Tojo Line “Kamifukuoka Station”

· 3-6-7 Kamifukuoka Fujimino shi Saitama prefecture

※ It is before Saitama suspended credit bank.map





※ Please contact the interview day by telephone or application form and bring your resume.


· The application form (ENTRY) form is available 24 hours.


· Application by phone is from 17:30 to 23:00, except Monday.

    phone number 049-269-6100


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